September 2008

Enough about politics for today.  Check out these new listings in my eBay store.

World War II War Ration Books.  Hard to imagine that we once lived this way.  Very neat items.

How about this vintage firefighter booklet from 1941?

Or this first edition Howdy Doody book?

It’s in great condition.  Nice item for the collector.

Nice break from the political aggravations.  I’ll share more tomorrow.





Check out this Art Deco bar set I just put in my Fixed Price listings today on eBay.  Click here to check it out

It’s got the sifter on the spout with a twist off cap too.  Think Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” or even better, James Bond “shaken not stirred”.

I put up a ton of vintage items today like this

an old farm cattle auction booklet from 1946 

and this


an old J. R. Watkins advertising song book full of ads for Watkins products from around 1920.  I love their vanilla and spices.  They’ve been around since 1868 for a reason!

Check out my eBay store and listings if you like or collect vintage items.  There will be a lot more coming this week.

Not me.  I could give a fig about the Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, Least Dressed, yadda yadda List celebrity parade of overdressed, overpaid, overexposed self-important “actors” that gathered together for a big group pat on the back for all of their “hard work” and wonderful acting skills.  Heidi Klum getting dropped on her bony ass would have been a highlight for me though.

How do these people sleep at night knowing that the other 99% of the world is concerned about gas prices, the 2008 election, the upcoming home heating season, back-to-school expenses, Katrina, Gustav, Ike, job stability, and a thousand other things that have nothing to do with Armani dresses and ridiculously expensive designer diamonds (I just had a flashback to Cindy McCain in Oscar de la Renta, dripping with diamonds).

I predict that the ongoing decaying economy will have one of two effects on our ever-present celebrity fascination.  1.) Our society’s Hollywood obsession will tank like a Paris Hilton movie as a good portion of Americans struggle to feed and house our families.  Or, 2.) Our appetites will be increasingly voracious for more and more escapist stories on how that 1% lives.  

What do you think?

PS – I just received MORE magazine in the mail today and Michelle Obama is on the cover.  Can’t wait to read the story because, to me, she is fascinating.  If she were running for President, she’d get my vote.  Maybe this counts as a celebrity obsession?  Whatever.  I like her.

Just saw an advertisement for this week’s Oprah show with Gwyneth Paltrow.  She (Gwyneth, not Oprah) was going to share how she got her “new” thinner body and tell all her beauty secrets.  Ummm… has she ever been one ounce overweight (except when she was in the fat suit for that ridiculous movie that I can’t recall the name of where she was diving into the pool and made a big splash – Oh yeah, “Shallow Hal” was the movie)??  Isn’t Gwyneth a macrobiotic fiend or a vegan or on some other such way of eating that she could not possibly get overweight? 

When I see these foolish TV puff pieces, I want to gag.  If I had Paltrow kind of money and worked on one or two movies a year for millions of dollars, I’d have time to look like a rock star.  Think Gwen Stefani or Madonna, not Amy Winehouse or Courtney Love with the smeared mascara … 

Where do these celebrities get off comparing their lavish lifestyles to the ordinary woman’s hectic life with no assistance?  Have you ever seen the reality show “Hey Paula”?  Paula Abdul’s lifestyle was so much more over the top than I had even imagined.  She actually thinks of herself as “a gift” to the world and she demands to be treated that way too!  If I had a housekeeper, chef, manicurist, stylist, personal trainer, life coach, shrink, personal assistant, manager, pet care aide, nanny, chauffeur, grocery delivery, financial planner, gardener, pool boy, etc.  I’d have all kinds of time to make myself look fabulous like the gift that I am!  🙂  There would be no worries because everything else in my life would be taken care of.  I’d say (while skipping merrily), “Let’s take time for me.  I’ve got ALL day!  Yippee!”  How often has that thought occurred to YOU?  Yeah, me neither.

Last week I was telling a friend that there’s only one thing worse than getting to an auction, previewing it, and finding nothing interesting for resale — that would be wasting the whole day sitting there only to find out that you were right.

I have been to 2 auctions this weekend and have left both empty-handed.   On Saturday I immediately left an auction after previewing nothing of significance to me.  On Sunday I wasted 3 hours at an auction after confirming what I already thought.  If it ain’t there, it ain’t there. 

“Get in, get out, and go home” is my favorite mantra that unfortunately I ignored on Sunday.   Sat outside in 90 degree heat and high humidity just to do what I call “research” of the prices that other dealers will pay for items.  This is how I pathetically justify my time spent at unsuccessful auctions.    What the other dealers are paying for items is a good indicator of what their market will pay, but I remind myself that their market may be NYC or an equivalent high-dollar market which is NOT eBay or my local suburban low-income population.  It interests me nonetheless.  It did not, however, excite my wallet.

This weekend we have 2 auctions in 2 days.  Yesterday’s auction was the type that I always feel some sadness when I attend them.  The owner’s wife was going into a nursing home and her belongings were being sold to the highest bidder.  I heard the woman behind me say to the owner, “This must be very hard for you.”  His response surprised me a bit.  He said, “No.  Not really.  This is the first step to moving forward.”   Just like that.  Not in an uncaring tone, but in a realistic one.  He was resigned to it and refused to surrender to the moroseness that I was feeling for him.  For anyone who’s been through this with a loved one (I have), his few words speak volumes. 

We have another auction today at noon.  Not sure what the story is here, but maybe that’s OK.

My first blog post.  Hmmm…   Why do people blog anyway?  I sure read a lot of them.  Enjoy most of them.  Had to finally cut back on the quantity of blogs that I was reading since it started taking up to an hour a day just to read them! 

I always thought that I would never blog since I don’t have a fascinating life, but then realized that most people don’t either and I still enjoy reading about their musings anyway.

Why do you blog?  What makes ordinary folk like us take the plunge and spill our thoughts out on the Internet for the world to potentially see? 

What did you learn from blogging?  I can use all the advice I can get.  This is very new to me and I need some input from the “experts”.

I’m interested to see how many people will actually “land” here.  Leave a post if you are so inclined.  I’d love to hear from other bloggers.

My business website is  I will be getting to that aspect of my life in a future post.  Just dipping my toe in for today.  🙂