My first blog post.  Hmmm…   Why do people blog anyway?  I sure read a lot of them.  Enjoy most of them.  Had to finally cut back on the quantity of blogs that I was reading since it started taking up to an hour a day just to read them! 

I always thought that I would never blog since I don’t have a fascinating life, but then realized that most people don’t either and I still enjoy reading about their musings anyway.

Why do you blog?  What makes ordinary folk like us take the plunge and spill our thoughts out on the Internet for the world to potentially see? 

What did you learn from blogging?  I can use all the advice I can get.  This is very new to me and I need some input from the “experts”.

I’m interested to see how many people will actually “land” here.  Leave a post if you are so inclined.  I’d love to hear from other bloggers.

My business website is  I will be getting to that aspect of my life in a future post.  Just dipping my toe in for today.  🙂