Last week I was telling a friend that there’s only one thing worse than getting to an auction, previewing it, and finding nothing interesting for resale — that would be wasting the whole day sitting there only to find out that you were right.

I have been to 2 auctions this weekend and have left both empty-handed.   On Saturday I immediately left an auction after previewing nothing of significance to me.  On Sunday I wasted 3 hours at an auction after confirming what I already thought.  If it ain’t there, it ain’t there. 

“Get in, get out, and go home” is my favorite mantra that unfortunately I ignored on Sunday.   Sat outside in 90 degree heat and high humidity just to do what I call “research” of the prices that other dealers will pay for items.  This is how I pathetically justify my time spent at unsuccessful auctions.    What the other dealers are paying for items is a good indicator of what their market will pay, but I remind myself that their market may be NYC or an equivalent high-dollar market which is NOT eBay or my local suburban low-income population.  It interests me nonetheless.  It did not, however, excite my wallet.