Just saw an advertisement for this week’s Oprah show with Gwyneth Paltrow.  She (Gwyneth, not Oprah) was going to share how she got her “new” thinner body and tell all her beauty secrets.  Ummm… has she ever been one ounce overweight (except when she was in the fat suit for that ridiculous movie that I can’t recall the name of where she was diving into the pool and made a big splash – Oh yeah, “Shallow Hal” was the movie)??  Isn’t Gwyneth a macrobiotic fiend or a vegan or on some other such way of eating that she could not possibly get overweight? 

When I see these foolish TV puff pieces, I want to gag.  If I had Paltrow kind of money and worked on one or two movies a year for millions of dollars, I’d have time to look like a rock star.  Think Gwen Stefani or Madonna, not Amy Winehouse or Courtney Love with the smeared mascara … 

Where do these celebrities get off comparing their lavish lifestyles to the ordinary woman’s hectic life with no assistance?  Have you ever seen the reality show “Hey Paula”?  Paula Abdul’s lifestyle was so much more over the top than I had even imagined.  She actually thinks of herself as “a gift” to the world and she demands to be treated that way too!  If I had a housekeeper, chef, manicurist, stylist, personal trainer, life coach, shrink, personal assistant, manager, pet care aide, nanny, chauffeur, grocery delivery, financial planner, gardener, pool boy, etc.  I’d have all kinds of time to make myself look fabulous like the gift that I am!  🙂  There would be no worries because everything else in my life would be taken care of.  I’d say (while skipping merrily), “Let’s take time for me.  I’ve got ALL day!  Yippee!”  How often has that thought occurred to YOU?  Yeah, me neither.