October 2008

Tomorrow night little goblins will be knocking on your door with the intent to receive goodies from your home and to avoid having to play a nasty Halloween trick on you if you are unprepared to give out the good treats.

Don’t get tricked.  Don’t give:

Smarties –  Remember these.  No one likes these and they’re always last in the bottom of what used to be a great candy dish.  Tastes like dust.  Chews like chalk.  An aftertaste that doesn’t quit.

Pennies – A penny may have purchased some good candy when you were a child, but since you haven’t obviously priced candy lately I’ll break it to you gently….   Kids don’t want pennies… unless you are shoveling them into their bag.  If so, they will probably trick you anyway after you burst their bag of candy to the pavement.  PS- This rule does not apply if the sweet little goblin has a Trick or Treat for UNICEF bag in front of him.  (Do kids still do this?)  

Mary Janes – No not that kind.  This is a kid’s holiday people.  This peanut butter chewy candy is usually hard as a rock.  This candy is not only awful but it’s a choking hazard.  Leave it on the 99 cent shelf at Rite Aid.  That’s where it belongs.

Candy Corn – Some people swear they like this candy but I don’t believe them.  If you’ve ever seen a child  ingest pure sugar straight from the bag, you will have an idea why this candy is a poor choice.

Apples – I won’t even get into the urban legend razor blade stories (that were never true according to Snopes.com) but this is a fun holiday.  Kids want candy, not fruit that they get any day of the week.

Popcorn balls – Not only will many parents just throw these away, but popcorn balls don’t keep well and will be stale by the time the good chocolate candy is gone.   

Laffy Taffy – cough, cough, choke.  If this candy is even a day old, it’s a choking hazard or a tooth puller-outer.

Can you think of anything else I forgot?

Happy Halloween!


Halloween’s coming.  Today I thought I would post a fun compilation of the Simpson’s Halloween specials over the last 20+ years.  Enjoy.

They’ve done it again.  AIG hosted an $86,000 hunting party in England for it’s top partiers executives complements of the American taxpayers.

This is getting monotonous… “But the party was planned and paid for a year ago….”  yadda, yadda.  How many parties did this company plan last year anyway?  Are there more?  Is AIG competing for some kind of “Best Corporate Party Company” award that we don’t know about?  If they were doing so poorly overall last year, why all the party-planning?   

On topic but off point:  Is pheasant-hunting in England a great reward?  I can think of so many other things that I might want as an incentive. 

Anyhoo, while the execs and top-selling agents are enjoying their pheasant under glass in Jolly Old England, we taxpayers should stick with our McDonald’s budget since it appears that this AIG party mentality will continue.

Summer breezes are over.  This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season here in Central New York State.  Last Sunday was one of only four weekends that a local State Park hiking trail was open to the public.  I took some pictures of nature’s beauty.


The stock market is making millions queasy at best this morning.  Couldn’t help but post a Family Guy Pukefest just for fun during an otherwise gloomy day. 

The economy is tanking even further.  The stock markets are in a worldwide panic.

For those who are  squeamish in the slightest, do not hit the play button!   For many who have looked at their 401k balances, you may relate to this video clip.


No kidding.  AIG begrudgingly cancelled it’s latest planned soiree at the Half-Moon Bay Ritz Carlton in northern California after a huge backlash from us party-poopers, the taxpayers.

On the same day that they received a second multi-billion dollar loan from the Federal Reserve, AIG tried to justify going ahead with their planned retreat for it’s top-producing independent agents but backed down after huge public pressure and a whole lot of bad press.

Us taxpayers are such a buzzkill.

It’s now been explained by AIG that the soiree at the St. Regis Resort was actually held for the top-producing life insurance agents and not for the employees.

So, just to be clear, the six-figure post-bailout party was for the agents that sold the highest dollar amounts of the riskiest insurance instruments to the highest number of unwitting buyers.

Well that explains it then.  Party on Garth.

BREAKING NEWS — It’s just been announced that the Federal Reserve just agreed to provide AIG with a loan of up to $37.8 billion, on top of one made last month. 

Party time!

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