They’ve done it again.  AIG hosted an $86,000 hunting party in England for it’s top partiers executives complements of the American taxpayers.

This is getting monotonous… “But the party was planned and paid for a year ago….”  yadda, yadda.  How many parties did this company plan last year anyway?  Are there more?  Is AIG competing for some kind of “Best Corporate Party Company” award that we don’t know about?  If they were doing so poorly overall last year, why all the party-planning?   

On topic but off point:  Is pheasant-hunting in England a great reward?  I can think of so many other things that I might want as an incentive. 

Anyhoo, while the execs and top-selling agents are enjoying their pheasant under glass in Jolly Old England, we taxpayers should stick with our McDonald’s budget since it appears that this AIG party mentality will continue.