Tomorrow night little goblins will be knocking on your door with the intent to receive goodies from your home and to avoid having to play a nasty Halloween trick on you if you are unprepared to give out the good treats.

Don’t get tricked.  Don’t give:

Smarties –  Remember these.  No one likes these and they’re always last in the bottom of what used to be a great candy dish.  Tastes like dust.  Chews like chalk.  An aftertaste that doesn’t quit.

Pennies – A penny may have purchased some good candy when you were a child, but since you haven’t obviously priced candy lately I’ll break it to you gently….   Kids don’t want pennies… unless you are shoveling them into their bag.  If so, they will probably trick you anyway after you burst their bag of candy to the pavement.  PS- This rule does not apply if the sweet little goblin has a Trick or Treat for UNICEF bag in front of him.  (Do kids still do this?)  

Mary Janes – No not that kind.  This is a kid’s holiday people.  This peanut butter chewy candy is usually hard as a rock.  This candy is not only awful but it’s a choking hazard.  Leave it on the 99 cent shelf at Rite Aid.  That’s where it belongs.

Candy Corn – Some people swear they like this candy but I don’t believe them.  If you’ve ever seen a child  ingest pure sugar straight from the bag, you will have an idea why this candy is a poor choice.

Apples – I won’t even get into the urban legend razor blade stories (that were never true according to but this is a fun holiday.  Kids want candy, not fruit that they get any day of the week.

Popcorn balls – Not only will many parents just throw these away, but popcorn balls don’t keep well and will be stale by the time the good chocolate candy is gone.   

Laffy Taffy – cough, cough, choke.  If this candy is even a day old, it’s a choking hazard or a tooth puller-outer.

Can you think of anything else I forgot?

Happy Halloween!