Not to ask a stupid question or anything, but how am I, a taxpayer, going to finance the recent bailouts that most of our politicians have approved and signed off on?

I keep hearing that the bailouts will be financed by the taxpayers.  My dumb question is “How”?

Will I get a bill in the mail?  Yes, this sounds ridiculous and we all know what the outcome of that scenario would be…

Will the IRS withhold any and all refunds come April 2009?  Many of us do not get refunds, so how will we be charged for this bailout mess?  Am I now in a higher tax bracket without even knowing it?  Will this new tax bracket be a surprise on our 2008 tax forms in January?  Will the standard deductions disappear?

Will some tax-funded programs now disappear?  Which ones?  Anything we should be concerned about?  Medicare?  Social Security?  Any of those pesky social programs that the talk show hosts rant about only because they’ve been fortunate enough to never need them?

A lot has been said about how the money will and will not be spent but I’m simply asking where all of this “free” taxpayer money will be coming from and when and how will the government be getting it?

Anybody know?