I did it.  I started a different blog on Blogger.  Blech.  Hated it.  Backed myself into a corner with it.  Didn’t like having ads either.  Did I already say “Blech”?

More importantly, I’m coming back to my little WordPress blog that I missed.  Blogspot just didn’t “do it” for me.

I’m not going to back myself into a corner with this blog.  I never have here on WordPress.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.  Just because “the experts” say to get a niche, don’t mix business with personal, stick with one topic, use high traffic keywords, don’t talk about your family, don’t make it a journal, yadda yadda yadda…  I’m still going to go back to doing it my way.  Writing about what I want that may add something of value to my readers.  If I want to write about my grocery store experience today, I will.  Stay tuned because that’s what’s coming.  I know you’re on the edge of your seat…  Stick with me here if you’re a cooking fanatic.  Even if you’re not, you’ll want to know what I learned today about saving money at the supermarket.  Trust me.

I thought about writing a private blog.  If I just wanted to journal, maybe I would.  This isn’t a journal.  I’d like to share information and get some feedback, opinions, and ideas from others. 

I’m not going to write about politics.  Not because I don’t have opinions, but it just seems pointless to add to the bazillions of political blogs and, in my opinion, there is no changing anyone’s mind once people pick a side.  And those blogs are not fun for me.  I plan to have some fun here, not to go back and forth about our leader’s decisions good and bad.

I want to share some tips with readers.  I have many interests other than my full-time Internet business.  I’d love to write about them here.  I’d love to write about Internet sales too.  It’s always changing and it amazes me every day that I’ve made this my career.

Stick around.  I’m doing this my way even though my goal is to add value to my readers.  I learn so much from my favorite blogs and started this so others may feel the same way about this one.  It’s really not all about me.  It’s more about us.

Here’s the handy dandy money saving part:

Cooking tip that I did not know until today — and I’ve been cooking for MANY years…

I happened to be lucky enough to land on this blog about a week ago.  How the heck this blog escaped me for two years is unimaginable but to make a long story short, it’s filled with my favorite kinds of recipes – the kind that are easy to make that use the ingredients that I have in my kitchen already and are yummmy. 

I printed off about five of these delicious looking recipes and discovered that I was short two spices and was out of canned tomatoes.  Did the grocery shopping today so I brought my list.  Headed down the spice aisle and to my surprise a bottle of the “famous” brand of nutmeg and the store brand of curry was over $10.00!!  I thought that maybe I’d leave them out of the recipe and use some spices that I already had at home.  But, there’s nothing I hate  dislike more than to make a recipe for the first time and to alter it.  I like to give it a chance.  There’s a reason (usually) why it’s published the way it is.  So I grabbed the very expensive spices and told myself that I was saving SO much by cooking and not eating out (we don’t eat out a lot anyway but I lied to myself to feel better.)  Does everyone do this?  🙂

Five minutes later I was heading down the ethnic food aisle.  This section had it’s own spice rack.  Hmmm…  Probably just some adobo, cayennes, pepper mixes, etc.  right?  Wrong!  They had curry powder for a third of the price for a bottle (no lying this time) that was four times larger than the expensive brand!  I quickly grabbed the large bottle and put the thimble-sized one I had put in my cart five minutes earlier back on the shelf.  I felt like I was doing something wrong… How could this be?  They couldn’t possibly have the nutmeg too?  Wrong again!  There it was staring back at me with a tiny little price tag on a whomping big bottle.  Same store.  Same spices.  Different brands.  Different aisle.  Less than $4.00 for both bottles that are four times the size!  Who knew?  Not me.  I’ve been cooking for years and have lived in a small city that has always had ethnic foods available.  I’d never thought to buy spices in the ethnic aisle.

Here’s a picture of my new friends that will always remind me that there is often a cheaper way to acheive the same results:


Did everyone know this trick except me?  

Where do you buy your spices?  I’d love to hear your comments.