“Waterboarding” may be too strong a word for “force-hydrating” my cat.  Is it torture to force a cat to drink and eat?  If this were my cat’s blog, the answer would be “yes”.  But it’s not her blog. That’s a totally separate website. 😉

To the beginning….  My original cat, my main squeeze, my only lapcat, the queen of the household, Zuzu, stopped eating and drinking sometime around Sunday.  Had some odd(er) behaviors, she vomited a little, got even lazier (which is hard to judge on a 15 year old cat), and would not come down for breakfast or want to do her usual lapping from any running faucet.  Gave this a few days thinking that she’d get over it.  Nope.  Off to the vet for a visit.  They hydrated her and force-fed her (this was not easy for them – In their defense, they did not realize that Zuzu is spoiled and too set in her ways to be told what to do.  They were warned but brushed it off.  Twenty minutes later the vet tech was hanging her head in near defeat.)  The vet said that Zuzu didn’t appear to be in any danger at this point and to give it some time.

It is now Friday and she’s still not eating so last night we started the force-feeding and hydrating.  Oh boy…  After I read on the internet that really stinky baby food might jump-start her appetite, I went out and got some Gerber Stage 1 puree of every kind of meat there is.  She didn’t appreciate being force-fed by my husband’s finger of all things – Heavens! – but she had a few droppers full of water and some spoonfuls of Turkey with Turkey Broth.  Yummo!  She actually licked her whiskers but didn’t go for more without some “help”.

She still purrs, walks around, and even jumped on our bed last night to reclaim her usual spot.  I’m hoping this is just a virus that has hopefully run it’s course.  I just had the equivalent of what I’ve been referring to as the “swine flu” and this just happens to be the cat that always drinks out of my water glass the minute she hears it hit the table.  I’ve resorted to using travel mugs in my own home….  Anyway, she may have picked up my virus.  It was particularly nasty. 

For now, we’ll continue with the “torturing”.  If she won’t resume eating on her own, we’ll be making the return visit to the vet for all sorts of labs, etc.   

What we do for the ones we love…   I’m crossing my fingers for a happy ending here.  It tortures me to have to “torture” her, but I’m not willing to give her up to her own stubbornness just yet.

Could anyone give me a clue as to how to make this process easier?  I’d love to hear from you.


Zuzu started eating and drinking on her own about 2 days after I wrote this.  She’s back to her “normal” “active” self and everything worked out just fine.  Whew…