“Write about what you know”, I’ve been told.  I’m interested in so many things that I hesitate to limit my focus. 

As the blog title says, I’m a work-at-home internet seller.  Have been at this full-time for two years now but my business Books Around the Clock has been my baby for about five years now.  I love selling online!  I have some of the most wonderful customers from around the world that has made every keystroke worthwhile.  My favorite part of this business is hearing the various stories that my customers tell me.  Many have written to tell me that the item that they found on my site was something that they had been searching for a long time or that it was an item that brought back fond memories of their childhood.  These are my most favorite emails and I am fortunate to get these regularly.  Maybe I will share some of these here.  They’re inspiring and the reason I continue to get a lot of satisfaction from this career. 

As you can tell from the above, my business is my passion.  I plan to share a lot of my finds here with you.  I love old vintage ephemera: paper, postcards, books, you name it.  If it’s an old piece and tells a story, I want to hear it and match it with the right customer.  I’m old and some might say vintage, (OK, not old but middle-aged), and I have a few stories of my own to tell.  You’ll read some of them here.  

Some posts may be of interest to the casual reader or may just be cathartic for my own mental health.  You decide.  Better yet, just read it.  Enjoy.  Laugh.  Comment, please! 

One thing is for sure:

Sense of humor is not optional.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Patti Says:

    I like your many topics of interest. I am also a ‘reader’-many different varieties of books. Didn’t someone once say that knowledge is power? Haven’t found the power yet, but I’m working on it. I am not sure how to check out E-bay-will have to ask my younger generation to teach me. Best of luck to you. Will be back for more.

  2. Thanks for the comments and the good wishes Patti. Come on back soon. I love hearing from other readers.

  3. suezee Says:

    just stumbled across your site and love it! I will be back!

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