It is a rare sunny and gorgeous day in Central New York.  I had to get out the camera because these kind of days are so rare.


Scene from my backyard

Scene from my backyard
Cows in my backyard Cows in my backyard
More cows but they're not mine... More cows but they’re not mine…

I get to look at cows and horses every day in my back yard.  The best part is that they’re not mine and I don’t have to feed them!  Next door is a cattle auction barn and the owner has two gorgeous horses that were not available today for photos.  They were too busy enjoying their day outside of my camera range.  “Those pesky paparazzi follow us everywhere” was overheard in the far field…

Barbecued outside today for lunch.  The good news for the cows is that I was cooking chicken strips today.  I always feel a little strange when I’m flipping burgers in front of curious cows that sometimes come up to the barbed wire fence and peek over to see what I’m doing.  Today they didn’t care and were far away from me.  Maybe they heard from the horses that I would be taking pictures, because shortly after I came out with camera in hand, they had high-tailed it much farther away than they had been five minutes earlier.  These cows are camera-shy.  But that didn’t stop me.


Cowless field

Cowless field

 I think I see a few reeeeallly far away.  Guess they showed me!

I got the last laugh though.  Look what we had for dessert?

I worked for it...

I worked for it...


Picked a whole bunch

Picked a whole bunch

These didn't last long.

These didn't last long.

And I’ve got the stains to prove it.
Don't worry.  It's not as bad as it looks.  In fact it was totally worth it.

Don't worry. It's not as bad as it looks. In fact it was totally worth it.

I dropped one of these. There's a very happy squirrel down there.

I dropped one of these. There's a very happy squirrel down there.

I’ll save these for later.  Maybe tomorrow.

berries 3

Hope the cows don’t find them first!



Put some grrreat stuff up on eBay this week. 

This is some of my absolute favorite paper ephemera!  I love to read, hold, touch, dream, and wonder about these old items.  I can pore for hours over a box of vintage paper that I’ve acquired at auction and put next to my lamp that is next to my comfy couch while the hubby watches TV.  When I come home from an auction I will usually set aside a mixed box lot of paper to sift through while we watch the television.  Sifting is so much more interesting…

Like this for example:

teacher 2

Going along with the academic theme is this nice little booklet from 1901:

super 1

These are penmanship primers from 1888:

writing 1

Written way back when handwriting was important.  Did anyone else have to do “push me, pull yous” in elementary school?  I certainly didn’t learn the Spencerian turn of the century writing method but we had the Palmer method and a clear plastic card that we would have to lay over our writing to see if it matched the perfect script on the card.  This must sound very odd to anyone under 35…

Speaking of antiques 🙂 this catalog was a very rare find:

tea 6

How many paper catalogs exist that are over 120 years old?  The engraved illustrations are just so ornate and detailed.  Just lovely.

There’s more to list and sift but I’ll be sharing some items here too. 

Just click on any of the above photos to go directly to the auctions.  Sign up for my store newsletter if you like what you see.

Does anyone else find historical paper ephemera this fascinating or am I among a handful of crazy people??  Many would say “Throw this crap out!”  I say to that, “What, are you insane?”  In my opinion, someone, somewhere is connected to this piece.  I’ve heard all kinds of stories from my customers about a particular kid’s book, cookbook, sewing item, event bulletin, postcard, etc. having great significance to them and I love EVERY story that they take the time to email to me.  They usually thank me profusely (although this is not even the best part) for offering the item and tell me their story.  Did I mention how much I love this part?  It’s what keeps me going.  Just call me the Matchmaker.  Even when I don’t  have a particular item, I know where and how to find it.  Today I matched my husband’s boss with a rare book that her grandmother gave her as a child.  She told my husband that she wrote in it so much that her mother threw it away.  😦  I didn’t have the book but showed my husband where his boss could find it on Amazon.  He told me a while ago that she has now ordered it and it’s on the way.  Another happy customer even though she wasn’t mine.. this time around. 

I’m off to sift….